Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Does My Receiver Shut Off When The Volume Is

From Ireland To the notes of Nabucco in a magical evening

After an afternoon of historical depth on the trip to the Risorgimento Mazzini continued with a unique and exciting event at 19.30 in front the Opera House to assist the dress rehearsal of Nabucco.

For boys it was an evening full of cultural experiences, have known the work at its best, in an exceptional setting and engaging. The excitement peaked when they were sung notes Va 'pensiero.
The 2D
The 5D
L 'event was organized by the educational policy of the City of Rome as part of project activities 150th anniversary of Italy. The commitment shown in the various activities of study and investigation made it possible, in very exceptional cases, the participation of a group of 60 students albeghiero Institute, Rome's only school with such a large number of young people present.


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