Saturday, March 12, 2011

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today with the arrival at Heathrow, after a long delay in starting due to a snowstorm that hit Ireland, the expedition ended in Derry (Northern Ireland) of a group of 21 students selected from among the students of kitchen and dining accompanied by Vice, prof. Battistini, and Profs. Aulisio Matrec and Cooking, Baffoni, Sala, and Bernacchia and Esposito, English Language.

The trip took place at the invitation of the borough of St. Cecile College (the most prestigious institute in Ireland) to do Cooking Classes and room and organize, prepare and serve a gala dinner for 130 guests (Personality culture and economy of the place including several managers of hotels and restaurants).

days have been very intense and challenging because there was to be added to the difficulty of the language.

The initiative was a resounding success and in addition to praise for the professionalism of the boys, which led to the request to accept work experience in all three of our students the skills and in hotels that prestigious restaurants in the country at the same Institute, was noted the friendliness and education as well as the relationship between teachers and pupils has convinced many parents to send to them in October when there will be a visit to Rome the other guys.

There was also a proposal for cooperation in organizing the Year of the culture that will be held in Derry in 2013.

E 'was still a great opportunity to improve and exercise, despite the short period of time, knowledge of English: the students were surprised to have learned a great number of terms and idiomatic espessioni. The departure to the airport took place at 3 am in the middle of a snowstorm and heartfelt cries of Irish guys with a promise to keep on writing already waiting to meet again with some during the summer holidays and then to Ottobre.Potrebbe have been the beginning of another adventure in history and the Institute of cultural and professional growth of our children.

prof. Lucio Battistini


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