Friday, March 4, 2011

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Day dedicated to the Atlantic Ocean, for pupils of Gioberti in Bordeaux.

The morning was devoted to the discovery oyster. In the Arcachon basin, the Maison de l'huitre have known the history and actuality of the long process leading to the oysters to become a valuable product.

They could see the effects of the tides of the game and have learned that in this basin, all puppies are born of oysters consumed in Europe, which are then often sent to grow in Britain or elsewhere in France.

Lunch on the beautiful beach of Arcachon, playing football (even the French guys today have participated in the excursion) and then on, the Dune du Pyla, the highest dune in Europe. Students and Professor climbed the dune to enjoy the unforgettable panorama (pupils, especially for throwing rolling downhill). From the long ridge of this incredible dune opens a wonderful view on the Cap Ferret, the islands emerged for the tide, Arcachon and the coast. A great and unexpected sunshine allowed us to take full advantage of the day.

Weekend family coming for the boys. The Italian and French cuisine continue to cross and at weekends, with more time available, it will spark.

soon, by your correspondent in Bordeaux .........


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