Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Roman Carnival

Our boys in the second class have ventured to first time in the role of "tourist receptionist.

Serving the City of Rome and the 'Carnival 2011 " have played for seven full days activities coordination and support of children in preschools and primary schools that came together in the Piazza People to attend and participate in workshops and performances centered on the theme of the Carnival.

Our future receptionist demonstrated their ability to communicate well both with the leaders of the organization with the pianist but most are perfectly able to manage the hundreds of children who flocked to Piazza del Popolo. They learned that on time and the program is fundamental to the success of any initiative.

After only the first day have become indispensable and municipal leaders have committed their entire organization Management of acceptance and timing.

While not the weather, favorite activities, none of the boys has ever complained and the rain and cold do not have the slightest impact on the availability lora smile and commitment.

Tuesday, March 8 have also made it possible to organize a parade of masks, which led to Via del Corso about a thousand masks arrived on dozens of small bus with our kids, I ran into more than thirty, ready to welcome them gathered at the "points totem", with accompanying stall when the time is stretched a bit 'too much and then escort them along a parade for about a mile half, watching them with great sense of responsibility.
At the end of the event managers of the Roman Carnival audiences have turned their heartfelt thanks and a plaque of merit.

Well done guys!

Professor Diana Biel


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