Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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nice hike today in Saint Emilion, a small village in limestone of the largest underground cathedral in Europe. In fact, the cathedral is carved into the rock, so it's a erorme monolith.
In the catacombs, the boys have discovered the figure of Saint Emilion, a chef who stole bread to give it to poor children and decided to spend the end of his life as a hermit and prayer. They have also ventured, divided into three teams, in a treasure hunt through the streets of village, winner of the famous "macarons, biscuits in the country.
Grand Chef Philippe Etchebest

Far from being a nun is but today 'the spirit of the village, a center of production of prized wines. The Maison du Vin our students have tackled a tasting laboratory to discover the aromas and flavors of wine.
the winery, have instead followed the cycle of harvesting and learned the techniques of fermentation and aging and also the terrible system of evaluation of the French producers.
All About Wine, therefore, in the village of the hermit saint of the eighth century!
you tomorrow: we'll give everything concerning the official high school with the principal and vice principal and a great breakfast at school

Prof. Antonella Viola


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