Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paris Kennedy Law School

SMS Ireland

Our students address food (room / kitchen), these days have an important role as ambassadors of Italian cuisine in high school St. Cecilia in Derry in Ireland .
"Copying and pasting text messages received by teachers. In return the full report.
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"Incoming. Giormata is a wonderful rainy Ireland. We are direct buses to school. Tonight at dinner by the Dean." (Prof. Lucio Battistini)

"All right, now the kitchen workshop went very well, the banquet tomorrow night, I change the starter with the seafood salad, because the kitchen is open from 14 onwards. Bella experience. Hello "(Prof. Claudio Matrec)

" We discovered a world! School incredible structures: and it is published. The good guys: they are having fun for what they do "(Prof. Lucio Battistini)

" Here everything ok ... is a wonderful experience, have a wonderful school and they are very nice and helpful, as I move almost here! A big hug "(Prof. Gianluca Aulisio)

" Warm welcome and extraordinary organization. College
highly structured and true place of formation and growth of the student. Students surprisingly common with their fellow Irish. Hopefully well tonight ...... VIPs as we expected ... Claudio Matrec and Gianluca Aulisio fantastic. "(Prof. Adele Esposito)

" All right, today we did the first lesson and went very well, tomorrow we expect the gala dinner, and Friday the dishes to the light.. "(Prof. Tatiana Baffoni)


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