Sunday, March 13, 2011

Norfloxacin With Tinidazole

A quiet weekend purifying

Reduce caffeine, start your day with something fresh, a yogurt, a homemade jam. Avoid excessive force, devoted to reflection. Wash your hair with a scented oil, which is not foam and leaves the hair light. Go out for a walk, smelling of what will be a rainy day. Treat yourself to a nap in the afternoon when far out it started to rain. Drinking a cup of green tea, while he plays and you, Princess Piper, stretches nearby. Read a few pages that takes you away. feel like something good but that does not ruin the healthy intentions.

Roll of sole steamed with vegetables and mango

For two people:
6 fillets of fresh sole.
1 carrot 1 zucchini and medium-sized ripe mango

An extra virgin olive oil, salt and white pepper
wooden skewers to close

Wash and dry the trout fillets, brush with olive oil from both sides and lightly salt them. Clean the vegetables and cut into julienne strips, take 2 sticks of carrot and zucchini and roll up the two first trout fillet, try to keep it tight enough. Close with skewer and place on the basis of steam. Repeat for each thread. Steam for about 20 minutes. Season with a drizzle of raw oil and a sprinkling of white pepper. Serve accompanied with slices of mango that complies with the freshness of the dish.


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