Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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To celebrate the unification of Italy

To celebrate the units of Italy and March 17 Feast of the teachers Anna Saracino, Luca Testa Sbano and Livia have organized a project with some classes to illustrate and investigate aspects of the history of our country.

1. Prof Sbano: Starting from the troubled history of the monument erected to Giordano Bruno in Campo de 'Fiori in Rome in 1889, and has been shown the importance of defending the freedom of research in both scientific and artistic sottolineado as this was opposed by the religious power and then by nazifascimo in the twentieth century. Is so fundamental to the cultural foundation of the Constitution of the Republic of Italy, which receives and defends these values \u200b\u200bin Articles n.9 and n.33.

2. The Prof.essa Saracino: Central in shaping the culture of a country is the language issue in our country, the figures of Alessandro Manzoni and Giovanni Verga are among those that have done more to build a 'unitary language, which only public schools throughout this could start to fruition. No Items And No. 5 34 of the Constitution of the Republic just remind us of the value of unity is the fundamental importance of public education. The contribution and has been enhanced by some readings by students of songs from "The Betrothed" A Manzoni and G. Malavoglia Verga.

3. The Prof.essa Head: The units of the country was severely tested during the Second World War by the fascist barbarism. The Republican Constitution was born precisely to rebuild a country politically but also morally wounded and divided. The 'No Article 2 confirms the centrality of the `citizen's rights as individuals and as social actor. The contribution is been enriched by some readings by students of a song from "The Periodic Table" by Primo Levi, the life of Hugh Oven young Roman partisan and Don Giuseppe Dossetti.

(Prof. Luca Sbano)


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