Friday, March 11, 2011

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Discover the unpublished letters of Mazzini: ceremony at the Capitol

There are many initiatives related to the 150th anniversary of Italy going on these days. Yesterday, in the Hall of the Palazzo Nuovo, Capitoline Museums was held ceremony of donation of approximately 400 unpublished letters written by Giuseppe Mazzini which attended classes 2, 4 and 5 D, accompanied by teachers and the Dean, Professor Bill Raymond.

Mrs. Mayper, owner of the letters of the great statesman, he personally handed to the State Secretary Gianni Letta, the precious correspondence. It is mostly private correspondence that does not add anything substantial but it illustrates the historical aspects of life and personality of Mazzini until now little known.
To deepen the subject was shown an extract of a special episode created by Rai own history on the figure of Mazzini, which airs March 17 and then was held with a keynote reading of some unpublished by Professor Roland tailors of Boston University.
At the end of the ceremony was possible to see the original document of incorporation of the Young Italy exposed in a glass case. The tiny handwriting, perfect, reported back in time.
was then Impeccable service and hospitality reception given to some pupils in classes 2N, 2L and 3L .


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