Friday, March 4, 2011

High White Blood Cell Count, High Crp, High Esr

Pellegrino Artusi Recalling 100 years after his death.

Lecture of prof. Giuliano Manzi (FIC) in the Great Hall of the Institute to the students of fifth class.

"In the month of March in Italy will commemorate two events of particular importance for social and cultural, though distinct, are included in the history of our civilization: the Unification of Italy that takes 150 years and the commemoration of Pellegrino Artusi a hundred years of his death. Unity Italy are all aware of the importance and historical substance, while Pellegrino Artusi, great Italian born in that period, only catering staff or the history of kitchen know anything. Pellegrino Artusi, born in Romagna Forlimpopoli in 1820, has been a great supporter, filmmaker and expert on art of Italian cuisine, has left to posterity a book "The science of cooking, the art of good food" that has allowed us to learn and to deepen their substantial need to know how to entertain. This book, which was born during the period when Italy was united and Florence became the capital, has had a troubled life since the first draft is not interested in any editor and only the will of the author and his security meant that it was printed at the expense of the same (200 pounds for the first thousand copies) in the same year. Given the success we had was to print a thousand to reach the first 283,000 copies of his death. The manual that has left us permission to export our cuisine and value in all parts of the world. Pellegrino Artusi died in Florence in 1911. "

(Prof. Giuliano Manzi)


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