Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Funny Freshman Initiation

Bowling Tournament Brumswick

A delegation of students with disabilities and able-bodied Institute, accompanied by Professor and Professor Anna Sabina Rocchi Femiano, participated along with students of other schools of Rome to the bowling tournament at the Bowling Brumswick Acquacetosa the Tiber. Pupils Altavilla, De Stefano Angelini and they finished in third place, while the pupils Cannucciari, Giuliani, Rubenni they finished in fourth place. Also participating were students Rosati, Vatican, Vivenzio, Baron, Muti, Monti, Tocci, perils, Santos and Sun
The student Cannucciari James, who attends the G III, also participated in 18 to 24 September 2010 to ; Special Olympics European Championships that were held in Warsaw, with excellent results. The 'student has in fact won the medal' gold bowling tournament twice and the medal 'silver bowling tournament team, also ranked fourth in the bowling tournament single.
's participation in this sports event was for boys arning a moment of growth and exchange.
(Prof. Anna Femiano)
James during the race in Warsaw
The Award
James is good in the kitchen


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