Thursday, March 3, 2011

Difference Maxalon And Pramin

Burdigala or Bordeaux

Beautiful sunny day, even if decisamante chilly today in Bordeaux for the group in exchange with the Lycée Pape Clément;

visit to the city, provided with an explanation and guidance of pupils of four pretty BTS (postgraduate diploma) of tourism in Bordeaux.

The town has Roman origins, Burdigala was precisely his Latin name, built in the urban system of the two orthogonal axes. On this system, which still exists, it has engaged the construction of the city dating from the eighteenth century, the churches, however, notably the Gothic cathedral, are examples of religious architecture, much older, with overlap between Romanesque and Gothic .

Her beauty was formalized in 2007 with recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage
Our kids have enjoyed all churches, monuments, shops and shopping and food!!

Tomorrow we expect the ocean: Arcachon.

you tomorrow, on your left Bordeaux


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