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Festa Tricolore.

Designed by Matthew and Claudia's 4D

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To celebrate the unification of Italy

To celebrate the units of Italy and March 17 Feast of the teachers Anna Saracino, Luca Testa Sbano and Livia have organized a project with some classes to illustrate and investigate aspects of the history of our country.

1. Prof Sbano: Starting from the troubled history of the monument erected to Giordano Bruno in Campo de 'Fiori in Rome in 1889, and has been shown the importance of defending the freedom of research in both scientific and artistic sottolineado as this was opposed by the religious power and then by nazifascimo in the twentieth century. Is so fundamental to the cultural foundation of the Constitution of the Republic of Italy, which receives and defends these values \u200b\u200bin Articles n.9 and n.33.

2. The Prof.essa Saracino: Central in shaping the culture of a country is the language issue in our country, the figures of Alessandro Manzoni and Giovanni Verga are among those that have done more to build a 'unitary language, which only public schools throughout this could start to fruition. No Items And No. 5 34 of the Constitution of the Republic just remind us of the value of unity is the fundamental importance of public education. The contribution and has been enhanced by some readings by students of songs from "The Betrothed" A Manzoni and G. Malavoglia Verga.

3. The Prof.essa Head: The units of the country was severely tested during the Second World War by the fascist barbarism. The Republican Constitution was born precisely to rebuild a country politically but also morally wounded and divided. The 'No Article 2 confirms the centrality of the `citizen's rights as individuals and as social actor. The contribution is been enriched by some readings by students of a song from "The Periodic Table" by Primo Levi, the life of Hugh Oven young Roman partisan and Don Giuseppe Dossetti.

(Prof. Luca Sbano)

Funny Freshman Initiation

Bowling Tournament Brumswick

A delegation of students with disabilities and able-bodied Institute, accompanied by Professor and Professor Anna Sabina Rocchi Femiano, participated along with students of other schools of Rome to the bowling tournament at the Bowling Brumswick Acquacetosa the Tiber. Pupils Altavilla, De Stefano Angelini and they finished in third place, while the pupils Cannucciari, Giuliani, Rubenni they finished in fourth place. Also participating were students Rosati, Vatican, Vivenzio, Baron, Muti, Monti, Tocci, perils, Santos and Sun
The student Cannucciari James, who attends the G III, also participated in 18 to 24 September 2010 to ; Special Olympics European Championships that were held in Warsaw, with excellent results. The 'student has in fact won the medal' gold bowling tournament twice and the medal 'silver bowling tournament team, also ranked fourth in the bowling tournament single.
's participation in this sports event was for boys arning a moment of growth and exchange.
(Prof. Anna Femiano)
James during the race in Warsaw
The Award
James is good in the kitchen

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A quiet weekend purifying

Reduce caffeine, start your day with something fresh, a yogurt, a homemade jam. Avoid excessive force, devoted to reflection. Wash your hair with a scented oil, which is not foam and leaves the hair light. Go out for a walk, smelling of what will be a rainy day. Treat yourself to a nap in the afternoon when far out it started to rain. Drinking a cup of green tea, while he plays and you, Princess Piper, stretches nearby. Read a few pages that takes you away. feel like something good but that does not ruin the healthy intentions.

Roll of sole steamed with vegetables and mango

For two people:
6 fillets of fresh sole.
1 carrot 1 zucchini and medium-sized ripe mango

An extra virgin olive oil, salt and white pepper
wooden skewers to close

Wash and dry the trout fillets, brush with olive oil from both sides and lightly salt them. Clean the vegetables and cut into julienne strips, take 2 sticks of carrot and zucchini and roll up the two first trout fillet, try to keep it tight enough. Close with skewer and place on the basis of steam. Repeat for each thread. Steam for about 20 minutes. Season with a drizzle of raw oil and a sprinkling of white pepper. Serve accompanied with slices of mango that complies with the freshness of the dish.

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today with the arrival at Heathrow, after a long delay in starting due to a snowstorm that hit Ireland, the expedition ended in Derry (Northern Ireland) of a group of 21 students selected from among the students of kitchen and dining accompanied by Vice, prof. Battistini, and Profs. Aulisio Matrec and Cooking, Baffoni, Sala, and Bernacchia and Esposito, English Language.

The trip took place at the invitation of the borough of St. Cecile College (the most prestigious institute in Ireland) to do Cooking Classes and room and organize, prepare and serve a gala dinner for 130 guests (Personality culture and economy of the place including several managers of hotels and restaurants).

days have been very intense and challenging because there was to be added to the difficulty of the language.

The initiative was a resounding success and in addition to praise for the professionalism of the boys, which led to the request to accept work experience in all three of our students the skills and in hotels that prestigious restaurants in the country at the same Institute, was noted the friendliness and education as well as the relationship between teachers and pupils has convinced many parents to send to them in October when there will be a visit to Rome the other guys.

There was also a proposal for cooperation in organizing the Year of the culture that will be held in Derry in 2013.

E 'was still a great opportunity to improve and exercise, despite the short period of time, knowledge of English: the students were surprised to have learned a great number of terms and idiomatic espessioni. The departure to the airport took place at 3 am in the middle of a snowstorm and heartfelt cries of Irish guys with a promise to keep on writing already waiting to meet again with some during the summer holidays and then to Ottobre.Potrebbe have been the beginning of another adventure in history and the Institute of cultural and professional growth of our children.

prof. Lucio Battistini

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Bersani help to escape from the usual travails of bile: a list of true democratic

Bersani We help to save Labor from the usual bile. For a truly democratic consciousness, and with the help of the youth of Pd (poor desperate), we also want to give a hand to the "millions" of calls for the resignation addressed to the Duce Silvio. And that is why I am convinced to sign the appeal to anti-Cav other friends.

effort not to do any back (otherwise I kill him) I think that there is no missing: 1. Donald 2. Here 3. Quo 4. Here 5. The Great Mogul of the Junior Woodchucks 6. Daisy Duck 7. Emy 8. Evy 9. Ely 10. Uncle Scrooge 11. Rockerduck 12. Paperoga 13. Gaston 14. Grandma Duck 15. Ciccio 16. Archimedes Pythagorean 17. Cip 18. Dale 19. Mickey Mouse 20. Goofy 21. Pluto 22. Min-nie 23. Tip 24. Tap 25. Beta Age 26. Flip 27. Topes 28. Commissioner sideburns 29. Marietta 30. Peter Gambadilegno 31. Sgrinfia 32. Joseph Pipes 33. Black Spot 34. Horace 35. Doughnut 36. Pico de Drake 37. Dachshund 176-761 38. Dachshund 176-671 39. Dachshund 176-71640. Dachshund Grandpa 41. Superpippo 42. Paperinik. Dear

Bersani, we also observed shares rose! Only a doubt: Superpippo Paperinik and are masked, they can sign?

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From Ireland To the notes of Nabucco in a magical evening

After an afternoon of historical depth on the trip to the Risorgimento Mazzini continued with a unique and exciting event at 19.30 in front the Opera House to assist the dress rehearsal of Nabucco.

For boys it was an evening full of cultural experiences, have known the work at its best, in an exceptional setting and engaging. The excitement peaked when they were sung notes Va 'pensiero.
The 2D
The 5D
L 'event was organized by the educational policy of the City of Rome as part of project activities 150th anniversary of Italy. The commitment shown in the various activities of study and investigation made it possible, in very exceptional cases, the participation of a group of 60 students albeghiero Institute, Rome's only school with such a large number of young people present.

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Discover the unpublished letters of Mazzini: ceremony at the Capitol

There are many initiatives related to the 150th anniversary of Italy going on these days. Yesterday, in the Hall of the Palazzo Nuovo, Capitoline Museums was held ceremony of donation of approximately 400 unpublished letters written by Giuseppe Mazzini which attended classes 2, 4 and 5 D, accompanied by teachers and the Dean, Professor Bill Raymond.

Mrs. Mayper, owner of the letters of the great statesman, he personally handed to the State Secretary Gianni Letta, the precious correspondence. It is mostly private correspondence that does not add anything substantial but it illustrates the historical aspects of life and personality of Mazzini until now little known.
To deepen the subject was shown an extract of a special episode created by Rai own history on the figure of Mazzini, which airs March 17 and then was held with a keynote reading of some unpublished by Professor Roland tailors of Boston University.
At the end of the ceremony was possible to see the original document of incorporation of the Young Italy exposed in a glass case. The tiny handwriting, perfect, reported back in time.
was then Impeccable service and hospitality reception given to some pupils in classes 2N, 2L and 3L .

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SMS Ireland

Our students address food (room / kitchen), these days have an important role as ambassadors of Italian cuisine in high school St. Cecilia in Derry in Ireland .
"Copying and pasting text messages received by teachers. In return the full report.
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"Incoming. Giormata is a wonderful rainy Ireland. We are direct buses to school. Tonight at dinner by the Dean." (Prof. Lucio Battistini)

"All right, now the kitchen workshop went very well, the banquet tomorrow night, I change the starter with the seafood salad, because the kitchen is open from 14 onwards. Bella experience. Hello "(Prof. Claudio Matrec)

" We discovered a world! School incredible structures: and it is published. The good guys: they are having fun for what they do "(Prof. Lucio Battistini)

" Here everything ok ... is a wonderful experience, have a wonderful school and they are very nice and helpful, as I move almost here! A big hug "(Prof. Gianluca Aulisio)

" Warm welcome and extraordinary organization. College
highly structured and true place of formation and growth of the student. Students surprisingly common with their fellow Irish. Hopefully well tonight ...... VIPs as we expected ... Claudio Matrec and Gianluca Aulisio fantastic. "(Prof. Adele Esposito)

" All right, today we did the first lesson and went very well, tomorrow we expect the gala dinner, and Friday the dishes to the light.. "(Prof. Tatiana Baffoni)

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Roman Carnival

Our boys in the second class have ventured to first time in the role of "tourist receptionist.

Serving the City of Rome and the 'Carnival 2011 " have played for seven full days activities coordination and support of children in preschools and primary schools that came together in the Piazza People to attend and participate in workshops and performances centered on the theme of the Carnival.

Our future receptionist demonstrated their ability to communicate well both with the leaders of the organization with the pianist but most are perfectly able to manage the hundreds of children who flocked to Piazza del Popolo. They learned that on time and the program is fundamental to the success of any initiative.

After only the first day have become indispensable and municipal leaders have committed their entire organization Management of acceptance and timing.

While not the weather, favorite activities, none of the boys has ever complained and the rain and cold do not have the slightest impact on the availability lora smile and commitment.

Tuesday, March 8 have also made it possible to organize a parade of masks, which led to Via del Corso about a thousand masks arrived on dozens of small bus with our kids, I ran into more than thirty, ready to welcome them gathered at the "points totem", with accompanying stall when the time is stretched a bit 'too much and then escort them along a parade for about a mile half, watching them with great sense of responsibility.
At the end of the event managers of the Roman Carnival audiences have turned their heartfelt thanks and a plaque of merit.

Well done guys!

Professor Diana Biel

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Text Messaging Log Sprint

The CGIL and the general strike: the science of building bridges

It takes skill and study. Application as well as iron from an early age.

Who within the CGIL decided to proclaim a general strike to be a specialist in science Building bridges: it happens on May 6th is a Friday.

And the economic crisis, the GDP deflated, layoffs overflowing, the fourth week without bread, and, worse, brioche?

As this bridge will help the economy properly positioned with the banner at the forefront of the TG3 and some belt Gibaud ready to blow themselves up?

And then start the usual ballet figures, fun as a distributor on Zebedee (bad dog) but you know, what matters is not in Italy have the numbers.

Just give it.

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A delegation of students to the transmission of RAI-3, "The Story. Diary Italian"

A delegation of students from the fourth and fifth classes participated today in the transmission of RAI-3 "History-Italian Diary."

"Italy is a democratic republic founded on work ......" Article 1 of the Italian Constitution.
Click image to see the episode

This has been the subject of today's episode. Corrado Augias with the help of the journalist of the Republic Panara reflected on the world of work today, the prospects for new generations, from a recent survey relating to professions with more employment opportunities.

The kids have taken by placing issues relating to the protection of labor on which the Italian legislation still needs improvements and additions.

accompanied the students and Prof. Prof. Manzo Cavallo.