Monday, February 28, 2011

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arrived in Bordeaux this afternoon our group that participates in the exchange with the Lycée Pape Clement: a little heart-pounding (Francesca's suitcase was over on another tape) but then solved the problem, everyone is reunited with the corresponding room in a high school that will host.

The weather was not great, but not terrible. We are hoping for a sunny day, day dedicated to Saint Emilion excursion, a visit to a winery, the Museum of Enology and the Treasure Hunt by the local Tourist oranizzata.

you tomorrow, we hope to be able to send immediate images of the school and Saint Emilion.

A demain, on your left in Aquitaine!

Prof. Antonella Viola

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we present our team:
Daniele Zaccagnini 4F, Eleonora De Vecchis 4E,
Vensislav Velizarov 4H, Chris Verdini 4E, 4G Matthew Dimiziani

Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Salad Smoked chicken with salt in Denmark.
Ingredients: 2 chicken breast fillets quite large. Olives. Extra virgin olive oil, smoked salt of Denmark. Aromatic Vinegar. A quarter of a Cabbage White. Caspian half lettuce. Stale rye bread in a box. A clove of garlic red.

The success of this dish is all in the genuineness of the ingredients.
Brown chicken breasts in a little olive oil where to add the clove of garlic. Cook slowly, adding salt a couple of times with a pinch of salt. The breasts should be cooked but soft. Let them cool separately. Wash the cabbage and lattuda. Slice very thin on the first, second chop coarsely. Prepare a vinaigrette separately with oil and vinegar and season with green pepper and lettuce mixed with hood. In the cooking liquid from the meat, brown square pieces of bread with garlic, until they toast well. When the meat has cooled, cut in horizontal slices of the chest. Add vegetables and stir. Add the olives, season with another pinch of salt, smoked and then merge the chunks of bread rosolato.Un last drop of oil if the salad is too dry.

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A heart improvised

Sometimes just the inspiration, paper boxes that do not open for a while 'but contain treasures. Sometimes just a remnant, a braid, a messy table on which is never what you want now. Just a window and out of the fog, lined the dim light of silence and a pair of scissors to cut out the minutes and the fabrics. Sometimes just a crooked smile born of funny words, to make you think thanks. And improvise with what is, a thought sewn on the heart.

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Digital TV: What a disappointment!

After much hype on the digital terrestrial we can say it frankly: is a major disappointment.

You can keep what you want to reset the channels are at least 50 but no signal, then there are those in charge (pornazzi, usually), someone local (which does not even look at Mrs. Pina in crisis withdrawal from Brazilian soap opera filmed in Peru), then stutters and tells you who is without a signal, but interesting, like the legendary BBC made to disappear quickly (ever the viewer Rai 3 notices how do public service), there are none. Rai History

Maybe, but who sees it? Give us back the analog

short trail.

Maybe with Heather Parisi instead of Santoro and Travaglio.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

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Italiot The left and the Unification of Italy: is it really changed the world! Italo Bocchino

It 'just changed the world! If twenty years ago a program such as the Festival of Sanremo had aired the performance of Roberto Benigni, the Risorgimento ride on the stage of Teatro Ariston and the waving of the sacred (for us on the right note) waving the tricolor, the unity of 'Italy with the attached the Roman empire, on Cicero to Caesar, beams Sicilian Balilla, Italian art in the world, everyone would have cried foul "fascist." Mistaking him for an assault with the bayonet.

Surely there would be some over-zealous prosecutor who would have thought to do on this career, so as today on Berlusconi, and that would then found a sign of apology for the offense of extortion and fascism (Benigni has certainly been extorted, or could not have said this).

"the daily" (cocaine?) Quell'house organ of the prosecution is that the newspaper Padellaro & Labor, was published in all the intercepts, with the interview and articolessa attached to some intellectual, being serious files between the PM and gossip under the sheets.

That is to say how much Italy has changed beyond all the cultural dictatorship of the Communist left in the past that law equalizing fascism in patriotism, nationalism in the Risorgimento, history to rhetoric.

Roberto Benigni (this is still one of his films on the Gulag) from intelligent and disheveled journeyman Tuscan air smelled good and he said, especially on the left, the new watchwords that will, perhaps, to the widows of mustache to draw mourning the loss of any internationalist ideology.

The one hundred and fifty years of the unification of Italy, with their celebrations and festivities, so they are giving reason to those who in the past, a strong antagonism with Marxism, arguing that only the left as possible was, and still is, left a national, in some way, revived the concept of national socialism already Craxi, but even before Mussolini.
With the risk to the claims, to put in the attic immedagliati municipal banners, the red scarves around the neck of the sons of sons of sons of veterans, the bombastic speeches on values \u200b\u200band principles. In short, the story of the Resistance.

political opportunism. Why is the excuse given by a certain Lega of color, speck, which is stirred to mo 'bogeyman of the so-called liberal press, but in essence, the recovery of the national tradition marks the victory of the view that patriotism has always been rooted in the Risorgimento nationalism and nell'irredentismo another century.

All issues that have made up their noses at "The Manifesto" (multiple copies that readers, as the Director Conchita De Gregorio) and, last of the Mohicans Communist, understood that operation of this kind eventually will reinforce the national spirit of a nation that perhaps, in the true sense of the word, he never had, but will give an advantage to the right cultural (what the polls is common knowledge) no longer fill.

lacked "Tripoli, good soil of love .."

I immediately remedied. And Gongolo to your left shoulder ...

Friday, February 25, 2011

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Places of Roman Republic

Class IV d is working on a video that you remember the places of the Roman Republic, a fundamental stage of the Risorgimento. Starting from the building that houses the institute for wine and food and catering services, already named Goffredo Mameli, and now dedicated to Vincenzo Gioberti, a group of students went over the highlights of 1849 that far ..... .

.... Porta S. Pancrazio, Gianicolense the breach in the walls, the sides facing each other, the battles, destroyed Villa Corsini, S. Pietro in Montorio bombed ,.................

..... The staircase that connects via Dandolo avenue Glorioso, in memory of a young drummer boy who sacrificed his life in the name of an ideal of freedom and change.

discover that not far from the school attended every day there are places that have profoundly marked the history of our country, understand that many young people have fought and died to build Italy, to know, these are the better opportunities to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the unification.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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is studied for the Grand Trophy ...

Only a few days to the race and the team of the Institute of room to prepare for the tests is studying and tasting wines and cheeses from Brescia.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome Speech On School Function

Gianfranco Fini and go forward without looking behind. Even if it burns, even if it hurts. The

A fierce Italo Bocchino while trying to stop the melting in the sun and the Future of Freedom

It is now clear. It is now clear that Gianfranco Fini and the Future of Freedom is only the mark, the flag and Italo Bocchino. The same
Mouthpiece, after the sound of Scoppola December 14, had ruled: "We will be one of the Fli Macedonian phalanx. Instead

Fli showed the same firmness of a stick of butter.
only resist him, Fini, more and more glued to the chair, and a few other grievances. And even if I hold Toni Cartonio the apartment in Monaco will be enough without a Room.

Yet there is to give credit to Fini, who has been evil all this time.
He walked with the kippah. And the pink tie. He hid
behind the capacity of professional policy and dramatically played the role of statesman even convince the Duce Silvio.

Then, since outside of An has proved to be no one has tried to be towed by Berlusconi with the history of the liberal right (perhaps we should say).

Instead he came out the worst of its real value.
By becoming fit by the said mouthpiece which will soon send him well at home because Fli is the real party Italo Bocchino.

Fini defends himself by saying that his let (a 'mercenary army of traitors is revealed soon, my lady) because Berlusconi has the money and buy.
In fact, the prime minister has always been a man who can do business.

not as someone who sells off a third of the value of the apartments in Monaco!

But remember my dear it is important not to have regrets and never look behind. In the sense that whatever happens to your back you have to go forward. Even if it burns, even if it hurts.

Friday, February 18, 2011

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February, the freedom of the moon. In praise of slow travel

I prepare for the rituals associated with this time, that smell of cedar, birch-infused, handmade soap. The fairies of the house greeted the approach of the new season, opening the windows to let in air the first kind, can still intimidated by the last snowfall. Like the land, I predispose to the next morning. Procuro essential oils that I use in the coming months: melissa, lemon, mint, basil. Enjoy the afternoon tea at the window looking for flashes of light. I think it would be nice to make new cushions for an old sofa. Sounding books and notes on the hunt for new recipes. I light the incense and candles to purify the air and spirit.
cake good awakening
250 gr. of ricotta150, gr. sugar, 3 eggs, 80 gr. butter, 2 cups plain yogurt or vanilla 70 gr. of flour.
Melt the butter and add it to sugar, except for 10 grams that you need to take part to brush the mold. Stir in the ricotta well mashed (preferably passed to the mixer) and yogurt.
Beat the eggs and the flour level sifted to avoid lumps. Together with the rest of the mixture and pour it into a well buttered and floured mold. The cooking must be in the oven at 160 degrees for 45 minutes.
And 'good alone or with fresh fruit also accompanied by fruit compote.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Letter Of Request For A Disconnection


In view of the final phase of the Great Gold Trophy of Italian restaurants, Prof. Baffoni (room) and prof. Jordan (kitchen) participated all'Educational, dedicated to the training of school teachers selected to participate in the Championship.
The program has provided training seminars, visits to azienza and tastings of typical products of the province of Brescia.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Staying up all night as the train glides through a landscape of shining moon, both red and green traffic lights for level crossings along the alternate route, just before dawn is beginning to feel a difference in color, and small countries are glimmers that light speed while parading in front of the window.
always love trains, especially old ones, with the legend and poetry in their names, their time is limited and too many memories trapped in the cabins. One day I'd like to cross train lands and cultures, to feel the tiredness in my bones and welcome it, along with true knowledge of the slow journey.

Friday, February 11, 2011

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The story of Modigliani

Thursday, February 10 at the headquarters in Via dei Genovesi, Enrico Modigliani, a representative of the Project Memory established by the Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation of the Jewish Community of Rome, met with some classes of two years to testify how he lived his childhood in the period of racial laws and anti-Semitic persecution.
Before hearing the story of Modigliani, the students attended the screening of a short film that tells the story of the Jewish presence in Europe between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Monday, February 7, 2011

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TG3, Pravda and global warming

Bianca Berlinguer TG3 (by the beloved director is not the case to give a hand to fight global warming by putting a sweater in the studio instead of Capalbio temperatures in August, saw the ' clothing?) once thought that it was good and just dodge each of its various editions, even if not always I could, and who is the cause of his ill cry himself.

Not now. Now we like that sweet torpor in which they wallow, the one that merges reality with fantasy. Now I enjoy a lot to see how the average uninformed (???) inform the Italian people.

Playing with numbers.

was held in the House vote for the court to act on the feasts of Arcore, the infamous Ruby case, the prosecutor in Milan: 315 for the government, 298 for the minorities to the contrary.

Comment by Francesco Paolo Sisto, the PDL during the TG4: "The affirmation of the majority beyond the weather."

Right? Understandable given that the numbers say, in effect, are there to prove it.

comment TG3: "It takes barely a majority, the opposition compact." (?????)

turned a joke to the heroic days of the USSR, one of the workers' paradise (and it would be funny if it were not tragic):

"Meeting of Athletics, U.S. versus USSR. Won Member U.S.. "

Commentary in Pravda: "Brilliant second place in the Soviet national track and field events were held yesterday. Penultimate United States."

pass geological eras, defeat after defeat, but the Communists never change. Although today they are called "true democrats" ...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

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special exercises at the IIS "Victory Column"

Blonde Hair With Brown Chunks Through Hair

The left has a Messiah: Roberto Saviano

Excuse me, probably Alzheimer's disease should begin to deteriorate the mind.

attend Holy Mass, but I am not that well known over the coming Messiah will be another declared on state television networks to unified (freedom of the press cries out censorship in Italy) and the whole circus left .

I refer to that honest ex-reporter often mistaken for Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad author of "Gomorrah."
But he does not have a cross, an escort.

His book certainly has been successful (I have read a few pieces while I was sitting on the Supreme Throne of porcelain), but I do not appear to have been martyred, ascended into heaven and then returned to earth as the Messiah.

Yesterday, known by professional presenteeism, ex-anticamorra antiberlusconiano today (makes good applause and tears), gave birth to a beautiful seance with the soul of the dead sociologists, those that do not feel any more Eco.