Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Bersani: Vaccinate mates !!!!!!!!!!

This winter strong apprehension in PD. No, this is not remedied tafazziane of setbacks in Parliament (as you dare to ask for a vote the government is strengthened). This time election but health care.

Especially after some bad guy's right-hand of the secretary whispered in his ear pro (a little) PD tempore of the trans-national PierLENIN Bersani, an expert and a staunch defender of the Constitution, a government that sends him home with 10,000,000 not with 10,000,000 votes and signatures.

And that was in charge, with a letter from the peremptory tone, a campaign to sweep all members of the party.

"We are so few," said to have confided to close associates and the crew chief, "we can not afford to lose even one affiliated to the Asian".

The vaccine, as on every subject, the directors are divided: for the motion Marino (scientific branch of the party. What it means is not known) is late and is associated with cocaine, the modem is useless if taken in within 100 meters of a Unity Day and legendary Franceschini and Fioroni take effect only when combined with three days of abstinence and prayers to his knees.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Last 'now: shock announcement of Marchionne !!!!!!! Furore

Benedict sweater with built-in manager (for the best friends of Fiom, Sergio Marchionne), which deals on the table and not just the little problem of the revolution and its consequences in the workplace (argument that, as regards, as ever, the "construction" of the blessed future should involve more of the events of Ruby and condom smoking) has two important innovations: the first concrete result of collaboration between Fiat Auto and the Chrysler Group, for begin. It's called Fiat
Freemont and is a version Italianized the American Dodge Journey on sale now at our latitude, for the truth.
produced at the Mexican Toluca, the Fremont is a car the size rather important (4.89 meters in length) that will allow Fiat to finally launch a new segment left uncovered for a long time, that of the crossover.

The second? Cassino car will be produced at a "hybrid" and the testimonial will Nichi Vendola!!

bombshell, is not it?

Illustrator Make Sugar Cubes

court case and Ruby: the streets are cleaned by slaves and trans??

The analysis of the story shows how Ruby is now a clash between state bodies, putting highlight the arbitrariness with which some courts (which is not only a part, but much of it as if it were not for some judge would have raised at least a burst of indignation at the persecution reserved for Premier in the absence of condoms smoking ) can operate in defiance of the laws that their first it should be ensured and respected.
It is good to react Silvio Berlusconi: nobody has ever spontaneously put his head on the block of the executioner.
And Silvio, gosh!, Why pay for a sexual performance with cash (anonymously) and then write on the envelope "Silvio B.". Use your credit card, no??

Oh, back to "Italian judges, just remember some pearl rom the three boys who murdered a peer to steal the bike, the magistrates, at Christmas, have given a month's vacation at home!

If they had killed two of their peers probably would have sent them on holiday in the Caribbean to bring greetings to Comrade Bertinotti.

Certainly Pappardella autonomy and independence that the founding fathers wished to give to this institution does not mean license to trespass arbitrariness.

now the Look is the third position in the State and the story Ruby suggests that some judges, driven by a hatred of a city, making use of public authority, can perform an unfair, unlawful, unscrupulous, costly for taxpayers and so protracted, without the slightest worry of having to respond. How

what we have to read the characters of organized crime to return freedom to bureaucratic delays of gentlemen. And now they rush to talk about unwanted effects of neglect.
I started to advance the case of fraud, which logically would fall under the "open competition".
I, and probably 3 / 4 Italian citizens (just go around the beautiful country to feel like the Italians think about), I would begin to know why take 1600 days to file the reasons for a ruling allowing the work to defeat many years of police and police.
And all this without any pay.
The question is: why would a doctor, an engineer, ect. ect. if you pay wrong professionally - and rightly - and instead judges are irremovable even when ruin people's lives for gross negligence (case Tortora, Sabani and so on)?

At least now we are sure of one thing: now we Italians, we expect that both rigor and deployment of energy is applied to clean up our streets and finally open the disgust of sex slaves and trans and who attends them without shame.

Now there are no more excuses. It can be done!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Bersani VS / Modem: The Democratic Party is perfectly blended

not hide bad fascists. It is now clear that the Democratic Party was born from the merger of two parties that already have perfectly blended.
The question remains, to the minority Modem Veltroniana on toast with champagne and rat poison ...

However, after keeps on hitting, has passed the line of the secretary, as he had just asked the leader of the Democratic Party Pierluigi Bersani, who loves theater and theaters.
But the gap with the minority veltroniana Modem shorten and their testimony was the vote on the secretary's report was approved with 127 yes, 2 against and 2 abstentions. The minority Democratic Movement, one that refers to Veltroni, was not involved to vote, just to meet Bersani, while the area Marino has approved the report.
seems that Veltroni has said "I read the motion finding it full of things I thought of that too."

APPROXIMATION - And to think that the party leaders had begun with a severe conflict between majority and minority Bersani who asked that his report was put to a vote and the Democratic Movement, which stated that he would vote against. Gentiloni, head of communications of the Democratic Party had criticized the report of the Bersani, starting from the question of Fiat: "We have to be - he asked - on the side of Marchionne? This is not the point. But the Democratic Party should be in support of it 'Agreement Mirafiori explicitly.
Quiet! now that the workers are turning to Bossi.

As for the issue of alliances, Gentiloni invited the party to "avoid being confined on the corner." "You just look ahead - he continued, referring to the invitation made by Bersani and the" young "Franceschini, shirt rolled up in a chauffeur Atm lunch break, but Democrat doc scrapped in PD share - but we must do so knowing that the agreement with the third pole is not in any event does not guarantee the possibility of entering into this Agreement, the search clear reformist force that we represent. "

The clash was avoided, however, that with Bersani His was the minority and called a few places to stay and Gentiloni Beppe Fioroni (Head of Welfare), which were themselves ready to leave their positions in the party. "I never passed through the antechamber of the brain that anyone who disagrees with the policy should be left for the posts of party," Bersani stressed in his reply to the final direction of the PD, after Gentiloni Fioroni and had put out its mandate in his hands.

BERSANI-'Only the Democratic Party can unite the country, "explained Bersani, who has fisique du role for the operation of nostalgia, with that from the delicatessen counter of Coop, in its reply to the direction of the Democratic Party. "The Democratic Party has a restorative function and represents a New Italy, "said the secretary," we take the step and go forward. Italy is dissociated, it is dividing. We need to focus on this. " Bersani then expanded his horizon. "We are among the strongest progressive parties in Europe," he recalled, "we can play a key role because Italy could be reaction of European liberals." Already
"change". That for true democratic and republicones indicates agognatissimo return to power.
say, left, who are close.
They say there is no hair ... Ruby.

dibbbattito short and go with the smooth, waves off the booze finally veltroniane futurist. And vaaiii! goes back to the bowling of PCI. Yes, but retirees looking Maria De Filippi ...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

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The new course of Fiat, the alleged intellectual and blue overalls. With his back turned to the Fiom Cgil

With the reopening of the establishment of Pomigliano Fiat's Mirafiori and agreements, the workers have turned their backs on the Fiom and the CGIL. Finally, after nearly sixty years
ends without a shot being fired, the hegemony of the Left on workers, not by the government, but for the awakening of the working class, who realized that there was someone who called himself a clump in the handle when the left only because he had the patches on the sweater. Cashmere.

But they could be missing? Like who? Them.
indeed not miss it, but a number of so-called intellectuals signed a manifesto against what is called "the dictates of Marchionne" concerning the reorganization plan for Fiat, which was approved even by the unions, as we said Fiom excluded.

Without discussing the matter, it remains to understand why if one is an actor, a singer, a priest or un'astrofisica, must put his beak in matters which presumably little understood (otherwise there would be dedicated) as the ' economy or industry.
It so happens that when the manager came in Italian Canadian Fiat, the company lost € 5 million per day and was about to close, and after only three years of operation (no permit, no), reported Budgets in surplus.

The operation then, when he put more than a foot (at no cost) a shareholder of Chrysler (now in a strong recovery), management is a masterpiece that will allow Fiat to remain in a market increasingly difficult and competitive. Evidently, "Sergio," as Americans call it, something he can do, so much so that Obama and praising the American trade unions all the time.

But it would be nice in the meantime he would gather signatures for a challenge on Dario For its recitation or Marghertita Hack a theory about holes blacks.

What universe is not yet sure that they exist, but are abundant in the brains of so many "intellectuals".

Monday, January 3, 2011

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Aesthetics, Politics and Symbols: travel (short) in the beautiful side of Communism

I have to disappoint you.

No political debate, no recurrence of sad afternoons at the screening of the film club for worn balls and armored fantozziana memory, with the post-vision tainted by connotations parasociologici, earnest analysis that verge on the ridiculous without notice.

If Luxuria becomes the ideological pick to pass the idea of \u200b\u200brescuing the left, then the politically correct, then the diversity is now accepted and normalized, and then who knows what else, a photo of a beautiful girl posing sexy can serve the purpose.

Maybe now I'll be saying that you prefer Luxuria.
trying to make parallels to other drives and just as bold and deep analysis, at least to the high quality of the photo above-mentioned proposals, standing on the crest of a lie that does not stop at nothing.

I have to say.

IO are not common. I can not afford NOT

Steps To Masterbation

Oh! Eugenio Scalfari you are seated at the right hand of the Father (and vice versa ?)...

Hurrah! The founder of "Republic", Eugenio Scalfari, has remade!
The forecast, of course.
In an interview with the weekly L'Espresso has assured republicones that Berlusconi will disappear in 2011 (forced to a nursing home in Riviera?).

Well, thank you.

Small digression just to be clear: despite our thinks otherwise, there are more important things in the world of the newspaper "La Repubblica" and its founder.

But the "god" of that enlightened self-styled head (face) and all his haughty culture with democratic patina, which claims to tell me I must vote for those who curse his sentence, his call myself "without quality people," "servile "and" court jesters "I still need to clarify that even without his help I can separate good from evil.

And it seems that I can even the majority of Italians, as evidenced by the fact that his cronies, "the best", are always in opposition and its creatures forced to resign on grounds of manifest failure.
But according to you, such as will, after seventeen years of setbacks, the liver?
big as a house? As a small apartment in Monaco?

Returning to the 1994 forecast is that the founder (man inimitable style) when astrologer about Berlusconi does not carry a indeed a half.
Even today, disregarding the most elementary sense of the ridiculous, given the precedents, should be in industrial quantities, continues to rant about fearless.

Yet smears, ideological, cultural and human, these days are suddenly unmasked. Having purified even the hoes, finance the mouthpiece to make dirty work thing could never happen?

So certain that I echo the thoughts of Il Duce Silvio, again: hooray, he rebuilt!

And we must have compassion for some empty guru at sunset?