Friday, December 31, 2010

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The mystery of non-extradition of Cesare Battisti Brazil

finally solved the mystery of why Brazil has denied the extradition of terrorist and communist murderer Cesare Battisti (in the photo while walking with friends nda).

seems that the coach of the Brazilian national football Muricy Ramalho, intends to convene for the next matches of the green and gold.
"And fuck Ronaldinho," he told the staff. The line up

the center of the attack to enhance its undoubted qualities and characteristics: it is a machine and every time you fire into action is a massacre.

"For the next world we hope for Buffon," he exorcised the blue coach Cesare Prandelli.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

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lifer free because of the court. And the paper for photocopying missing, my lady.

four years to file a sentence!
And what were so important to do the Lords judges to spend all this time, allowing a murderess sentenced to life in prison from the undisturbed come out?

Oh! Mind you. Basically I understand them: how do they work if they are to participate in the "Vaffa day", to girotondi antiberlusconiani in Piazza Navona, ANM meetings, dozens of torches against all mafias other than in a toga or a tour of shows with the trio-Travaglio Guzzanti-Luttazzi along the streets of our beautiful country?
Add to this, even the sacrosanct vacation, bridges, interviews, participation in seminars, round tables "and" forum ".
and shopping, dinners with Federica Sciarelli, clean the carburetor of the motorcycle, motor home, spinning, soccer, presenting the latest book by Barbacetto.

What remains? A miserable half day of work ("use of energy aimed at a specific purpose).

And that half-day is sufficient to demand the postponement of the trial.
Do not you think there might be a citizen of any pending (not) of Justice for an inkling of disregard and / or indifference seasoned possibility of irresponsibility (the judges are not liable for their mistakes)?
And the controversy over the "block processes? What is in motion, grace (and justice)?

would be interesting to a finding of the President ANM, Palamara, the only union in history to protect the interests of rich people, that for every question relating to the word justice has always enlightening (?) To say. And I ask
bodies of the judiciary and representatives of the so-called society civil - in fact some journalists who have made the blind defense of certain magistrates to the bitter end their reason for living (and gain, which is good) and the inhabitants of the blogosphere - what could justify the continued postponements of trials, with their timing Geological that exist, particularly in civil court by a side, or the release of a large number of affected (with curriculum rich in several murders) because of various delays and possible interception or deposit in the transcription of judgments.

Assuming that all the faults are in Italy of Berlusconi, the ANM and the CSM are saying one day and one well on the laws (including proposals, better to bring below) of a democratically elected government strategic, but not a word about the fact that the process will stop them, making criminals out of jail who are a danger to society. Never

that these organisms (review in case it makes me laugh. !!!!) From anger you give on eliminating the bad apples from what is a true caste.

magistrate judge does not eat?

It 's true, unfortunately. It seems to be a law of nature.
and paper for photocopying is missing, my lady.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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concerns and questions in the Democratic Party

great concern in the Democratic Party as a result of the analysis and merciless

bitter Arturo Parisi and other leaders have made the PD.

And someone's mind races with the recruitment of Beppino Englaro

(Gappisti others seek the gun in the drawer, but it's another story).

Even then, members were torn by the question:

"But with a dying party like ours - had applied for many

republicones-ration was the case of a so favorable to euthanasia?"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Causes Of Morning Dry Heaves

The ideal lover is the world's most beautiful minister Mara Carfagna

On the podium, there's always her, Mara Carfagna: the most beautiful minister in the world is "the ideal lover," with 43% of preferences, according to a poll, extramarital dating site with over 530mila accessions.

Surprisingly, however, in the relentless rise among sex symbol of Italian politics, check here Debora Serracchiani MEP Friulian Pd, that among the male members of the community of adulterers collects 33% of the vote.
liked the style "soap and water" of Serracchiani.
Furthermore, Tinto Brass already saw its potential seductive, inviting the microphones of Radio 2 to make a film with him. And we know that Tinto appreciates the well-turned ass. And in fact we also tried
Mauro Corona a telephone connection with the transmission, which enhances its forms referring its relationship with the mountain: "It has a lower back Dolomite - ventured the sculptor-writer - meaning tough, hard, almost timeless."
Where did all this with that aspect erotic appreciation party official from gray suit with shirt and trousers from which the most exciting transpires clavicle is not clear. We know that the Democratic-man (or woman) prefers the understated, considering every eccentricity of a sop to Gaudenzi, although the all-black is no longer ideologically notice shall also expected to satisfy, without showing it.
sure many connoisseurs of Serracchiani dreaming of a united and natural pleasure ...

But back to the winner, Carfagna, at least on the internet, wins the challenge with Alessandra Mussolini, who here does not collect a vote among women below the PDL MEP Barbara Matera, with 13%, 5% with Stefania Prestigiacomo, Michela Vittoria Brambilla col 2 %. No trace of Mariastella Gelmini, 'style as a student is not in fashion "s show the site owners.

A failure to remember. Alessandra Mussolini Playboy (such as photos, of course, right).
For people like me who was young (right, for more. And continues to be. Right, not boyfriend) in the 80s still remember it.
The cover of Playboy Miss wet t-shirt. It was 1983.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

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The scoop Wikileaks (and all dippiĆ¹). The Minister Carfagna

Have you seen the mess that has combined Julian Assange co 'story is Wikileaks? Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Putin, Ahmadinejad and Putin, that great son.

strange is that as far as Italy and always concern only the current government.
But it is possible that the over 3 thousand files on our country is not any one, at least one who has covered the governments of "Hezbollah" D'Alema and Prodi Romeno?

This is a real mystery.

turn out. Certainly learn from the New York Times that "between Berlusconi and Putin, there was a direct line, so that the U.S. Embassy and the Italian foreign minister knew the facts only things that happened" is not that good. Question from man of the street from where a prime minister of a sovereign state must inform the U.S. embassy before being switched to another political leader?

Returning to Putin (and Gaddafi), Italians do not believe that they are agreeable or mica good people, but there are some undeniable truths, even if unwelcome.
Without Russia and Libya would not have without the gas!
And if the Italians were to remain in the cold, might cover himself with a few sheets of Bersani?

addition to other truths (love the Swiss cuckoo clocks and chocolate ect. Ect ..) look forward to the truth, all truth about the Italian file. There is certainly

everything. And dippiĆ¹. Type? Antonio Di Pietro
type that uses botox. How Gaddafi? No, if the hall. About Gaddafi is to be done to get an appointment with the voluptuous blonde nurse? What

Massimo D'Alema is the color grizzled to be sexy, Gianfranco Fini is Rumanian and Italo Bocchino is a beef that goes to the party.

Di Massimo D'Alema I would never have imagined but on Gianfranco Fini, in truth, some doubt was from my came ... As for the beef, well, I'd say another beast ...

, relating De Gregorio was the spokesman Mauro did you know?
Actually I do not even know who he is Mauro. And why Concita De Gregorio you know? The scoop is that there is neither.

About Mario Adinolfi is a staggering revelation. Actually weighs 45 pounds and is an Afghan Taliban are all filled with TNT. Now let me explain the beard.

course I will remain in the barrel still have questions. Type?
Type: After letting us know all the vices of sexual Berlusconi can you please let us know your preferred location of Vendola?