Friday, November 26, 2010

Port Royale Wont Uninstall

view from left

It 'true that only idiots do not change your mind, but jettison their beliefs in order to always stay afloat it seems a tad exaggerated. Before Gianfranco Fini

that heir of Mussolini becomes a totem of the law, a defender of the Constitution barricaded in reduced or mouthpiece which was teased because he said what in technical terms we might call bullshit, and now is exalted (gulp!!) for the same reasons ... caz.

now up to the minister Mara Carfagna, who for the minds (much) was left thinking of a geisha ... put the Duce Silvio, who was with Sabina Guzzanti sbellicare laughter dipietrini the Italy of Values \u200b\u200b(real estate) with the his (alleged, very alleged) talent shows on the topic.

is now (but maybe I'm writing late, since the latest news from the Palace NDA) with the attributes as a woman even by those who became editor of a newspaper read by four cats order a party secretary.

But the alien Communist may not notice these things? Could it be that you should ask, as Mara in the picture, only the Cav??

The Minister Carfagna view RIGHT!

Friday, November 19, 2010

What To Wear With Satin Pants

Enough with the dirty, not futurists call them

More than once I read the newspapers, with ill-concealed disgust and vomiting, the word "future" used to define Finian left the PDL to form the joyous war machine called Fli.

clear that "the future and freedom," led by instinct to future calls, but need not be a historian or an intellectual level of inappropriate and inadequate to define this approach.

I Finian and futurists are like day and night, in fact, like night and day.

Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto of 1909 was a turning point in all fields: art, culture, industry, technology, politics. I Finian, however, can not even change his breath and have only one objective, combining this fuss that deserves a better cause, to take the place of King Silvio, who for three decades has voted to fill the highest bench.

Futurism was the frantic search for a dynamic energetic, competitive, winning, bold, courageous. The newly forming
Fini is a coalition created to oppose a federal and a feared Berlusconi riding the stage, focusing, strong on the belief, mistaken, that the Knight is at the end of his career.

small deviations (but are not Marrazzo): In 1991, after the disastrous regional elections in which the MSI fell to 3.9 percent Granata ran toward the net Leoluca Orlando, going to the Democratic Alliance of Adorno and Bordon . Nino Strano lurks inside of the Ivy Giorguo La Malfa. Carmelo Briguglio escaped into the PSI.
Final results: the network no longer exists, the PRI has become a party on a personal basis and the PSI was, after a few months the arrival of Briguglio, buried under the rubble of Tangentopoli. Got it? Indeed
I do not think the polls that assign values \u200b\u200bto Gianfranco Fini certainly do not coincide with reality.
The Italians will punish him in the urn. And stop calling it right.

back to us (even to us!) I also read that the characters sent to the right values \u200b\u200bFinian (which is not right) are also men like Gentile and D'Annunzio.

not bothered to approach the characteristics of true finiano, nor the future to approach a little parties willing to mate with unnatural democristaini and communists (together) just to reach his miserable end. And now

ripassatina final words in the Manifesto of Futurism Carmelo Bene, not a mouthpiece any.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How To Unremove Peoples Post Onfacebook

Our advice to Matteo Renzi, the scrapping of the PD: look at who you back ...

E 'was great to see Pierluigi Bersani on stage, oddly euphoric and super excited.
fault of fine particles that come from Colombia, I thought. But
get along (well, in fact).

E 'was great to see Matt Renzi on stage. Politics is an ugly beast. And because the mayor is good?
is now in line to become the Grand Chief of the PD. A Matteo Renzi, who is in a row, I would say be careful who you see me, but ... and you're at it throw an eye well who's behind it.
Speaking of accidents you never know ...

Putting together the visions of two stages gave me the idea of \u200b\u200ban action movie where they are recorded and referred to the fruit.

gunfire can be heard from Florence to Rome. Now you fight with cold steel in the same coalition (of opposite sign) and Pierluigi Bersani see if the black: you can hide behind each councilor a spy or a double agent, or even worse, a fool or even a puppet.
All the suitors want to do the turnaround ... and falling back on their feet. Or a chair. They feel

fistfights and gusts of kalashikov.

short, for some tranquility to the Secretary of the Democratic Party does not which remains hospitalized in sections of the party who are now the only oasis of peace.

there really are none.