Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Write A Poem Generator

Right moments.

"They say there is a time to sow
and one that you want to wait
once dreamed at night that is
and another tense day
as a flax to wave. [ ...]
There is a day that we lost
as lose a ring in a lawn
future and there was a whole program that we have not come true. [...]
They say there is a time for sow
and a longer one for wait
I say that there was a time dreamed
that needed Dreaming "

(I. Fossati)

There's all the light we are, our hours.
Lussi ever known.
a peeled apple, a fragrant bath robe,
silences shared
am a slow and muffled, keys supported.
And there's still time.
to live and graze.
With our dreams complicated.
with new eyes.
gestures and words to dye a horizon, away from here.
you make, I know.
We are a gift unwrapped.
At the right time.