Friday, March 19, 2010

Would You Let A Friend Smell Your Feet

My hand
little girl was lost in your ...
so big, strong
constantly rough.
Your smile
s' Lights
just see me.
You, my support.
I, your pride.
Every gesture
an act of love for me.
That tranquility
that I did not,
and therefore can not stand ...
A love that
have never been able to reciprocate.
I'm still your little girl.
I love you Dad.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Broken Blood Vessels On Breast From Breastfeeding

Shelters in half.

"Happiness is something that multiplies

when shared. "

Another few miles and there.
profiles are already being softer. More than mine.
It all unfolds before me.
Then this new sensation.
Sudden and strong.
And I understand that not enough
to contain all
me to go through all
hear everything.
Perhaps, they are exactly half
of what I should be now.
not enough anymore.
This makes bittersweet
even the strongest of emotions.
Because much is wasted,
because you lose too
and fades ...
Maybe it's just the memory
of long past
to chase,
to bite it?

not want it any of that.
not in half.