Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When A Scorpio Guy Is Not Interested In You

consider value all forms of life,
snow, strawberry, the fly.
consider the value of the mineral kingdom, the assembly of stars.
consider the value of wine while it lasts the meal,
an involuntary smile,
of fatigue and those who are not 'saved ,
two old men who love each other.
value consider what tomorrow will not be worth 'more' nothing
and what today is an understatement.
value consider all wounds.

consider water-saving value,
repair a pair of shoes,
quiet time, run
a cry,
ask permission before sitting down,
try to remember that without gratitude.
consider value to know in a room where is 'the north,
what' s the name of the wind is drying the laundry.
consider it worth the trip tramp,
the cloistered nun,
the patience of the offender, whichever is at fault. Value
consider the use of the verb to love
hypothesis that there is a creator.
Many of these values \u200b\u200bdid not know.

Erri de Luca, "Work on Water and Other Poems"

Simply ... who made me know.
Who a sense to my every expectation.