Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nitrous Oxide Kills Brain Cells

Tears. Love.

It is true that they are always the same.
Changing how.
I've seen a bit of all types. They are easy
a tear, I will.
There are the fast ones that flow with ease;

you scratch your face and you find yourself in the pit of the neck.

Perhaps his purpose is.
It 's a collector reservoir of tears. There are
those that linger and shake,

can be there in
balance and not make you see almost nothing.

Until you decide to fall.
And when they do, sometimes can just hear the noise.
There are those that burn the eyes that swell and disfigure you.
are those for which the mother will immediately sgam.
There are those who just do not want to leave even if
and to compensate, you tie your throat close enough to hurt you.
There are those 'thinner'
that drag down all the make-up remover mascara even
succeeds so well.
There are the silent ones who pride

you have to drink.
Then there are those thick.
opportunities for 'special'.
For people who do not know what to do.

What they do not know where to go.
For people who feel bad in spite of themselves.
Fuoriposto. These
cross the face with a heaviness that you seem to want to dig.
are salted. Salty.

And you leave the skin, face, hands all sticky.
even leave the halos.
Antipaticissime. Theoretically
before or after all dry.
alone. How
says Amy.


Friday, September 11, 2009

What Happens At Sorority Initiatiob

"Ama me fideliter

Fidem meam nota

De corde totaliter

Et ex mente tota

sum presentialiter

absens in remota"

('Omnia Sol temperat - Carmina Burana - Carl Orff)

(Millais' Ophelia')

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lemonade For Bladder Stones

But when Christmas ...?

There are times that a child
but I want to dream and the belief
of which few are capable of.
And perhaps this gives a bit annoying.
tenacity and there that I know to wait
for things that are really worth.
There is not Christmas
and not even my birthday
but there are gifts that come
to fill your mind, heart , hands.
No escape.
There is that sometimes we procrastinate.
There is beautiful touch the tape with your fingers.
that there it's nice to smell the paper.
there that is nice to feel you shake it makes noise.
There is beautiful tighten the chest and imagine.
There is that in the long
becomes a cruel game.
there that there among
is my life.
And there are times when I would tear the paper
tear tapes
and take what's mine.
demand it.
tighten it.
Keep it.