Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cough Phlegm When To See A Doctor

For 16 hours.

If breathing
plan seems to me to hear.
advantage of the darkness of that hot

not belong to you,
do not deserve.
My temple desecrated. I tried to hunt

Pushing and screaming.
you a pain that does not matter.
But it will end.
Maybe in a hug ...

"I reached in the room.
The window was still open because the air keeps changing.
It smelled of how you are inside.
I was pleased too.
I lay down behind you so that all my party's accession to yours.
I started to brush her temple.
With a flick you started to cry.
as if your tears I told you to get you by. Sharply.
Without saying anything I have encouraged to continue to increase.
And you cry as you ought, but what you had, above all, where you had to.

On our bed attached to me. "

[" The snow does not care "]