Friday, May 29, 2009

Fatiguetinglingblurry Vision

In times of crisis

these farmers who wisely! Pitted a handbook of measures that help save money, better maneuvering in the kitchen and in spending. Here they are suggestions, in revised form by me.
Easy to follow their pockets to save in times of crisis and feel a bit 'more ecologists pace of consciousness.

1) Recover! There are dozens of recipes that allow you to recover the remains with imagination. More you can invent from scratch releasing creativity and avoiding food waste (did you know that every Italian family throw out € 584 a year on a monthly expenditure of 450 euro?).
2) more time in the kitchen: ready-made meals and earn less on price and quality. We spend less time preparing meals. If time is too short on weekdays, weekends Let us go back, you want to put the scent of the cake which is spread by lazy kitchen to the rest of the house?
3) Outside the book of family recipes . If you do not have it, is not a good reason, you can always open the tradition. If you retrieved the mother's or grandmother's recipes, surely you will also find the less sophisticated and poorer, but no less tasty. Those, for comparison, related to our childhood and our memories, and that when you eat it fills the heart, in addition to the belly.
4) Bread, pasta, preserves, jams o homemade yogurt ! In other countries this is the tradition that we will emerge as a trend, and we do, we forget it? Of course not, as well as rewarding can be fun, just do not live it as a duty but as a desire for intimacy and naturalness.
5) Check the labels : deadlines, from (not always the cheap ones from China) traceability, especially for meat. And we choose fruit and vegetables with the right degree of ripeness.
6) Buy with friends, relatives or neighbors to share, a weekly buy larger quantities of products to be shared later, saves if you go directly from farmers or the general markets, where they sell to banks, to understand .
7) Buy local! In Italy for 86% of freight travels by road and has been estimated that an average meal travels more than 1,900 miles on the truck and / or airplane and ship before arriving on the table (Col direct docet). Save on transport and also influence the environmental impact on the authenticity and freshness of the food.
8) Buy products in bulk: they are more and more vending machines are becoming more common on farms such as those of fresh milk (as well as detergents, water, etc..) To reduce up to 30% on sales of industrial food packaging.
9) Buy directly from the manufacturer in the dozens of farmers markets that now are seen in town.
10) Give time to the care of the garden: an opportunity not available only for those with open spaces, a simple terrace can be transformed into an aromatic herb garden or mini-garden wall, by offering a variety of plants suitable for growing in pots. What a satisfaction to eat tomatoes in your salad? And the spaghetti with pesto sauce did not taste perhaps more with your basil?

Reflect, also something you can do. I leave to the next recipe. I'm going to water my rocket ...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brent Everett On Brent Corrigan

my post.

I closed the door behind me
but I still feel at home.
Sfamami ...
Every corner
A noise, a word.
ME I have defended from all things
and now I have to defend myself.
Deliver ...
I need to give names
what I hear
what I live ..
deep breath
to untie the knots inside me.
I want my place in the world.
's where I want to be.
's where I'll be alright.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Food Blueberry Buckle

Good Sunday

Other days, the first outdoor dining, the first trips to the park. The sun begins to warm the skin in an almost shameless. I stretch out my legs in the shade of a ruby, a breeze of rifolo warm strokes my neck while I savor the taste of strawberries brought by a friend. Just a little time to do a good Sunday.

tart green herbs and soft cheese
spinach and arugula, in quantities of 3 to 1. Sauté the spinach in a wok with olive oil, a clove of garlic (which then remove it) and salt until they are wilted. Add salt and add a little 'of freshly ground black pepper.
Boil a potato and schiacciatene the pulp with a fork when it will be until you get a soft puree. Add chopped vegetables and mix once intiepite, 100 and 100 grams of ricotta soft cheese. Stir the mixture with an egg. Roll out the puff pastry into a mold lined with baking paper, preserving the edges to fold and distribute the compound layer with a spoon. Finish with olive oil and bake at 170 degrees for 20 minutes.
good the next day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dry Hair From Adderall

20 +10


Two figures who are planning to describe
to know how you
and what's in your heart.

two digits in the polls meal
and medium-sized case.

two figures, which weigh a little ...
Mathematically away from 20
yet so close.
I'm still there.
With the same wide-eyed

lot of things you think you've learned
to the sound of blows
other hand,
you never got to understand them.

But we'll never ... ?

do not know ...
meanwhile continuous
to 'expand' this life ...

* * Greetings

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vba Cheats Are Working

Albe. Hopes.

My green trolley is still there in the room.
Or half empty.
hastily arranged a Friday morning,
to wet hair, his gaze fixed on
A morning full of anxieties and hopes.
One morning he needed to be caressed by warm words

I waited in vain.
I do not want to bring it back down to the basement.
Not yet.
is there to remind me that no one can force
But is it really that 'nothing'
to make a difference.
I see myself from outside my shell
In impalpable.
In my eyes gray.
And my weary heart.

I need something to fill my eyes.
And so you fill the double
because who would not exist.
Dawn party plan from behind the mountains. That's
rose slowly restores life

quietly asleep

landscapes to city
dark forgotten corners.
with dead eyes.
Invade everything.
slow but inexorable.
Even after the longest night.
The horizon lights up.
I expected. The
eyes back to life.
will be soaked.
be filled for two
Even for those not there.
Alba ...