Saturday, December 26, 2009

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Aphorisms and magic. Recalling Alda Merini

What was the greatest Italian poet know. Who has had a troubled life, too. Have thought of that before leaving, the world has rejected, mistreated, searched, critically acclaimed, I do not know.
Now she's dead body, she is speaking out of experience death in life.
I like to think that the wise woman is tormented and now some of the inns from her loved ones, to write some aphorism, acquitted by God for lack of evidence. The cigarette in one hand, a string of pearls on her breast. I like to think like you, who wrote "God does one thing: our scent disperses into infinity to give life to your breath."

vichyssoise of December with bread sticks with sesame seeds and crunchy julienne vegetables
This is a creamy potato and leek soup is traditionally served cold. But in December, is more inviting and comforting if eaten warm or hot, maybe the end of one of those days of endless work and rainy when returning home is the best gift of all.

Ingredients: 400g potatoes to pasta
2 leeks (white part only)
1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill
Fresh cream 1 dl
1 tablespoon olive oil 1
tablespoon lime juice or lemon a small bunch chives
Half saffron broth
30g butter Salt and white pepper to taste Fry
the white part of leeks, sliced \u200b\u200binto rounds with butter, then add the potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks, cover with the broth and simmer for 30-40 minutes, until the vegetables are soft. Blend all the ingredients until a smooth paste, add the saffron dissolved in a little water and fresh cream. Bring to a boil, stirring with a whisk, add salt and pepper and flavored with lime and dill. Serve hot cream sprinkled with chopped chives.
Serve with bread sticks and bread dough baked with sesame seeds and carrots cut into julienne strips.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Greek Makeup And Dresses

E 'come at night, like a script worthy of respect. E 'fell for hours, even days later, silencing my world. Even inside of me, silence. I welcome this moment with joy and surprise me. I hate the cold. I celebrate that rare.
Yet I find myself smiling, thinking it was a lot that do not sink your feet into something clean. Tomorrow will be different already, but it is as if he had noticed in December that it was necessary to light here. Not artificial, intermittently. True light that goes off, which lightens the night and brings out the laughter of children. Or heard outside and the mind races back. Then I'm back here. A curious awaits me tomorrow. I put the red lace on the windows, turn on the oven and prepare the flour. Greetings.

Salmon spicy crust and baked potatoes foamed

For 2
2 salmon steaks from about 130 grams. A bunch of chives and chervil.
1 teaspoon mixed pepper: pink, white and green.
a glass of vodka.
Extra virgin olive oil. Salt 2 potatoes
oval of about 180 grams each, perfectly healthy
Robiola enough.

For baked potatoes
Brush Wash the potatoes well and peel, not dry them, wrap them in a sheet of parchment paper, but do not tighten the bag.
Put in a baking pan and bake at 180 degrees making cook for about 50-60 minutes. Once baked, open the foil, and affecting the potato in the same direction, gently spread apart the two sides and season with salt and pepper.
Add a tablespoon of mousse robiola you've done before whisking the cheese with a little 'black pepper and olive oil. Add the chopped chives. For the salmon
Crush or grind the pepper and sprinkle both sides of salmon steaks, pressing down well with your hands. In a saucepan, heat the oil, place the salmon and cook two minutes on each side. Sprinkle with vodka and flame. Add the salt, remove from heat and look with the chopped chervil.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shooting Of Tharakh Mathea

Joyeux Noël The inconstancy of the time silent

is one that takes you suddenly one night or early morning. You know you are inside. In things, spaces, movements. Yet to see what you leave to go outside, you would like but you can not stop.
time passes you in the silent hours of the day. They ask thee about too many unnecessary things and you he responds with silence. Like here. But things have happened. To whisper little things, things to see and hear from the heart. Things to say, calmly and inconstancy. How do you treat broken, dots of a single large design which can be discerned form at the end, when they join and recognizing say ah, here.

pie dough cauliflower
Clean, wash and split the tops of cavolfiore.Lessarle, drain very well and brown them in a pan with a knob of butter. Season with salt and pepper. Apart from preparing the mixture with the eggs (one egg at a time), the montasio and grated parmesan. pour half the milk, two or three tablespoons of breadcrumbs, leave to absorb. Boil in salted water the pasta al dente enough holding Once cooked, drain the pasta well and add it to the mixture. If it is too dry, add some more 'milk. Mix well and pour into a greased mold. Bake in water bath in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for one hour. Remove, let rest a few minutes, then unmold on serving platter.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Purposely Rude Restaurants

Per Aspera ...


I want all my Stars

Sunday, November 1, 2009

How Long Until Nystatin Cream Expires


"My poetry
is brisk as the fire passes through my fingers like a rosary
I do not pray because I am a poet

of misfortune that is silent, at times, the pains of giving birth in the hours, the poet
are screaming and playing with his cries, the poet are
singing, can not find words,
are dry straw over which beats the sound
are the lullaby that makes the children cry, are
vainglory, which drops,
the mantle of a long metal
prayer of mourning the past he has not seen the light. "

Alda Merini from" The Fox and the curtain "

And as always, those who have something to say really
leave this Earth ...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When A Scorpio Guy Is Not Interested In You

consider value all forms of life,
snow, strawberry, the fly.
consider the value of the mineral kingdom, the assembly of stars.
consider the value of wine while it lasts the meal,
an involuntary smile,
of fatigue and those who are not 'saved ,
two old men who love each other.
value consider what tomorrow will not be worth 'more' nothing
and what today is an understatement.
value consider all wounds.

consider water-saving value,
repair a pair of shoes,
quiet time, run
a cry,
ask permission before sitting down,
try to remember that without gratitude.
consider value to know in a room where is 'the north,
what' s the name of the wind is drying the laundry.
consider it worth the trip tramp,
the cloistered nun,
the patience of the offender, whichever is at fault. Value
consider the use of the verb to love
hypothesis that there is a creator.
Many of these values \u200b\u200bdid not know.

Erri de Luca, "Work on Water and Other Poems"

Simply ... who made me know.
Who a sense to my every expectation.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nitrous Oxide Kills Brain Cells

Tears. Love.

It is true that they are always the same.
Changing how.
I've seen a bit of all types. They are easy
a tear, I will.
There are the fast ones that flow with ease;

you scratch your face and you find yourself in the pit of the neck.

Perhaps his purpose is.
It 's a collector reservoir of tears. There are
those that linger and shake,

can be there in
balance and not make you see almost nothing.

Until you decide to fall.
And when they do, sometimes can just hear the noise.
There are those that burn the eyes that swell and disfigure you.
are those for which the mother will immediately sgam.
There are those who just do not want to leave even if
and to compensate, you tie your throat close enough to hurt you.
There are those 'thinner'
that drag down all the make-up remover mascara even
succeeds so well.
There are the silent ones who pride

you have to drink.
Then there are those thick.
opportunities for 'special'.
For people who do not know what to do.

What they do not know where to go.
For people who feel bad in spite of themselves.
Fuoriposto. These
cross the face with a heaviness that you seem to want to dig.
are salted. Salty.

And you leave the skin, face, hands all sticky.
even leave the halos.
Antipaticissime. Theoretically
before or after all dry.
alone. How
says Amy.


Friday, September 11, 2009

What Happens At Sorority Initiatiob

"Ama me fideliter

Fidem meam nota

De corde totaliter

Et ex mente tota

sum presentialiter

absens in remota"

('Omnia Sol temperat - Carmina Burana - Carl Orff)

(Millais' Ophelia')

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lemonade For Bladder Stones

But when Christmas ...?

There are times that a child
but I want to dream and the belief
of which few are capable of.
And perhaps this gives a bit annoying.
tenacity and there that I know to wait
for things that are really worth.
There is not Christmas
and not even my birthday
but there are gifts that come
to fill your mind, heart , hands.
No escape.
There is that sometimes we procrastinate.
There is beautiful touch the tape with your fingers.
that there it's nice to smell the paper.
there that is nice to feel you shake it makes noise.
There is beautiful tighten the chest and imagine.
There is that in the long
becomes a cruel game.
there that there among
is my life.
And there are times when I would tear the paper
tear tapes
and take what's mine.
demand it.
tighten it.
Keep it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cough Phlegm When To See A Doctor

For 16 hours.

If breathing
plan seems to me to hear.
advantage of the darkness of that hot

not belong to you,
do not deserve.
My temple desecrated. I tried to hunt

Pushing and screaming.
you a pain that does not matter.
But it will end.
Maybe in a hug ...

"I reached in the room.
The window was still open because the air keeps changing.
It smelled of how you are inside.
I was pleased too.
I lay down behind you so that all my party's accession to yours.
I started to brush her temple.
With a flick you started to cry.
as if your tears I told you to get you by. Sharply.
Without saying anything I have encouraged to continue to increase.
And you cry as you ought, but what you had, above all, where you had to.

On our bed attached to me. "

[" The snow does not care "]

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Happens At Sorority Initiation


" And I

will take care of you ... "

(F. Battiato)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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We were only two colored dots in the middle of
many other dots ..

mixed in an intricate maze.
Eyes that fit
feel. A thousand odors
never heard before.
A thousand reasons.
A thousand fears. A thousand
And when the plane tilts
know that there is nothing to do ...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heartgold Rom English Mac

Yes Happiness scares.

The earnings were in the eye,
those two images,
as the instantaneous perception
an absolute and unconditional happiness.
if she would carry for ever.
Why is it that you care, life.
got into you when you still have the soul Sleeping
and you sowing into an image,
or smell,
or sound
then do not you take away more.
And that there was happiness.
I discover later, when it's too late.
And now you are, forever, an exile:
thousands of miles away from that image,
by the sound,
by smell.


(Alessandro Baricco)

Friday, June 19, 2009

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The English are ahead.

Do you ... know the difference between "house" and "home"?

" House " is the house made of bricks (usually)
building is the 'physical', with the roof, walls, windows, floors, furniture ...
and everything you need to survive, sleeping, eating, washing, to protect themselves.

" Home " is the house in the affective sense of the term, most of the time is figured
because one can feel 'at home' in a tent
if there are all the conditions that make it such.

'Home' is a state of mind, is synonymous with family,
is a place where you feel in the right place,
is a hug,
is where you feel warmth, security, where you feel welcomed and loved.

It 's a place where you can close the door behind you and feel peaceful.
feel yourself.
The rest can go fuck yourself.

You can have the house and Sentis at home.
You may feel at home without having a house.

It 's a metaphor-fetched and risky, I realize,
but looks like the difference between fuck and make love .

A different kettle of fish.

Thank you ... for really making me feel at HOME (L)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Il Drivers License Template


He won the Liberty.
And rightly so.
Like when she left me
two unknown hands and loving, perhaps

with tears in his pocket and a hole in his heart.
But that's okay.

many things I could do with that choice.
Choice that weighed a ton.
Too big.
like yours.
never look back.
Go ahead and live strong.
had to be so.
and I'm ... I'll be there.
If you want to.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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"Every Warrior of Light
had afraid of a fight.

Every Warrior of Light
cheated and lied in the past.

Every Warrior of Light
has trodden a path that was not his.

Every Warrior of Light
has suffered for things unimportant.

Every Warrior of Light
has thought not to be a Warrior of Light.

Every Warrior of Light
has failed in his spiritual duties.

Every Warrior of Light
said "yes" when he meant to say "no".

Every Warrior of Light
has hurt someone he loved.

So it is a Warrior of Light:
because it has passed these experiences
and has not lost hope of being better "

(P. Coehlo)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

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(Im) Perfect

"Blessed are the rose thorns

they do so to keep it in hand with attention
Why things are in good balance
well as the history of us who
smells and stings
and does not give us relentlessly
unless we choose the
And you run away and chase you and then we
It 's a tango
our relentless melody ... "

(Jovanotti," Point ")

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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The Beanstalk and other fiaboricette

Original culinary review of the most beloved classic fairy tales, the ones that start with "Once Upon a Time." The book also offers many real recipes, from preparing for and with children and children to return too. Loredana Limone. Sarnus publisher, € 8.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fatiguetinglingblurry Vision

In times of crisis

these farmers who wisely! Pitted a handbook of measures that help save money, better maneuvering in the kitchen and in spending. Here they are suggestions, in revised form by me.
Easy to follow their pockets to save in times of crisis and feel a bit 'more ecologists pace of consciousness.

1) Recover! There are dozens of recipes that allow you to recover the remains with imagination. More you can invent from scratch releasing creativity and avoiding food waste (did you know that every Italian family throw out € 584 a year on a monthly expenditure of 450 euro?).
2) more time in the kitchen: ready-made meals and earn less on price and quality. We spend less time preparing meals. If time is too short on weekdays, weekends Let us go back, you want to put the scent of the cake which is spread by lazy kitchen to the rest of the house?
3) Outside the book of family recipes . If you do not have it, is not a good reason, you can always open the tradition. If you retrieved the mother's or grandmother's recipes, surely you will also find the less sophisticated and poorer, but no less tasty. Those, for comparison, related to our childhood and our memories, and that when you eat it fills the heart, in addition to the belly.
4) Bread, pasta, preserves, jams o homemade yogurt ! In other countries this is the tradition that we will emerge as a trend, and we do, we forget it? Of course not, as well as rewarding can be fun, just do not live it as a duty but as a desire for intimacy and naturalness.
5) Check the labels : deadlines, from (not always the cheap ones from China) traceability, especially for meat. And we choose fruit and vegetables with the right degree of ripeness.
6) Buy with friends, relatives or neighbors to share, a weekly buy larger quantities of products to be shared later, saves if you go directly from farmers or the general markets, where they sell to banks, to understand .
7) Buy local! In Italy for 86% of freight travels by road and has been estimated that an average meal travels more than 1,900 miles on the truck and / or airplane and ship before arriving on the table (Col direct docet). Save on transport and also influence the environmental impact on the authenticity and freshness of the food.
8) Buy products in bulk: they are more and more vending machines are becoming more common on farms such as those of fresh milk (as well as detergents, water, etc..) To reduce up to 30% on sales of industrial food packaging.
9) Buy directly from the manufacturer in the dozens of farmers markets that now are seen in town.
10) Give time to the care of the garden: an opportunity not available only for those with open spaces, a simple terrace can be transformed into an aromatic herb garden or mini-garden wall, by offering a variety of plants suitable for growing in pots. What a satisfaction to eat tomatoes in your salad? And the spaghetti with pesto sauce did not taste perhaps more with your basil?

Reflect, also something you can do. I leave to the next recipe. I'm going to water my rocket ...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brent Everett On Brent Corrigan

my post.

I closed the door behind me
but I still feel at home.
Sfamami ...
Every corner
A noise, a word.
ME I have defended from all things
and now I have to defend myself.
Deliver ...
I need to give names
what I hear
what I live ..
deep breath
to untie the knots inside me.
I want my place in the world.
's where I want to be.
's where I'll be alright.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Food Blueberry Buckle

Good Sunday

Other days, the first outdoor dining, the first trips to the park. The sun begins to warm the skin in an almost shameless. I stretch out my legs in the shade of a ruby, a breeze of rifolo warm strokes my neck while I savor the taste of strawberries brought by a friend. Just a little time to do a good Sunday.

tart green herbs and soft cheese
spinach and arugula, in quantities of 3 to 1. Sauté the spinach in a wok with olive oil, a clove of garlic (which then remove it) and salt until they are wilted. Add salt and add a little 'of freshly ground black pepper.
Boil a potato and schiacciatene the pulp with a fork when it will be until you get a soft puree. Add chopped vegetables and mix once intiepite, 100 and 100 grams of ricotta soft cheese. Stir the mixture with an egg. Roll out the puff pastry into a mold lined with baking paper, preserving the edges to fold and distribute the compound layer with a spoon. Finish with olive oil and bake at 170 degrees for 20 minutes.
good the next day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dry Hair From Adderall

20 +10


Two figures who are planning to describe
to know how you
and what's in your heart.

two digits in the polls meal
and medium-sized case.

two figures, which weigh a little ...
Mathematically away from 20
yet so close.
I'm still there.
With the same wide-eyed

lot of things you think you've learned
to the sound of blows
other hand,
you never got to understand them.

But we'll never ... ?

do not know ...
meanwhile continuous
to 'expand' this life ...

* * Greetings

Sunday, May 3, 2009

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Albe. Hopes.

My green trolley is still there in the room.
Or half empty.
hastily arranged a Friday morning,
to wet hair, his gaze fixed on
A morning full of anxieties and hopes.
One morning he needed to be caressed by warm words

I waited in vain.
I do not want to bring it back down to the basement.
Not yet.
is there to remind me that no one can force
But is it really that 'nothing'
to make a difference.
I see myself from outside my shell
In impalpable.
In my eyes gray.
And my weary heart.

I need something to fill my eyes.
And so you fill the double
because who would not exist.
Dawn party plan from behind the mountains. That's
rose slowly restores life

quietly asleep

landscapes to city
dark forgotten corners.
with dead eyes.
Invade everything.
slow but inexorable.
Even after the longest night.
The horizon lights up.
I expected. The
eyes back to life.
will be soaked.
be filled for two
Even for those not there.
Alba ...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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differs from the rest of nature


a slimy jelly lies

that surrounds and protects "

(Hermann Hesse)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

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only memories. Back

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Funny Having A Baby Wish

Stroking the sky

In some islands, beautiful kites are the trait d'union between gods and humans, but the excitement of caressing the sky to keep the line tight between your hands and feel the force of nature is also ours.
An ancient world that joins the new, changing meanings, times and ways. Somewhere in the world as far and destiny of a child are bound to fly a kite. An ancient tradition of magic dispels bad luck with a kite: first to fly it, the owner will overwrite all the suffering, worries and calamities that afflict him. After having launched in the sky, man cuts the rope making it disappear, in the hope that all misfortunes will disappear with it. However, if the kite falls into the courtyard of another family, bad luck will fall on this. The owner of the kite will therefore be required to visit the family that has received the item, bringing gifts and giving an apology, in order to get the kite back. Otherwise, the family in question must destroy and burn the kite to oust him from bad luck.

photos from the site

meatballs spiced with herbs

400 g ground veal (or chicken)
1 slice of bread soaked in milk, also in milk and squeezed
½ clove of fresh garlic
1 bunch parsley 1 bunch of chives
2 carrots 1 egg
1 bay leaf 1
tablespoon curry
salt, flour Corn

In a bowl combine the ground meat, squeezed bread, salt, garlic and finely chopped carrot, an egg. Mix well with hands, add the chopped parsley and chives and finally the curry. Mix and form small meatballs. Dip in corn flour. In a large saucepan put the oil with the laurels. Add the meatballs and cook, over moderate heat, about ten minutes on each side, until they are golden brown. You can serve with a cool yogurt sauce, in which you have crushed other herbs to recall the taste. A good alternative is served with rice pilaf or couscous vegetarian.

Linsey Dawn Christmas Clip


I want to go back.
to April 5.
Or maybe directly to 31th October.