Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gerber Blueberry Buckle Stoppedmaking

Summer in pocket

summer unrolls in front of me with those intense colors and the air hot that, I wonder now how I did, hated for hours while riding his bike in the fields planted with watermelon and corn. I remember them well, my August was a child, the heat that left no truce unless the evening, the chirping of cicadas, which broke off as I passed along the paths, curiosity mixed with the excitement of discovery. The certainty that at home I was expecting a cool bath, a bathing suit and a dinner taste of summer. August was the heart of my summers. Endless days without hot freshly picked fruit, dust in his throat swept away by true liters of lemonade made with lemons.
I suddenly captures the memories of those places, those flavors. I find myself sniffing the air here in the city, through traffic. And I seem to catch them again, certain aromas. Maybe some grass stubbornly born between cement. Maybe it's just nostalgia.

cornet baked squid

The secret to this recipe is in abundance with the stuffing of the gratin.
For 2 pound of squid rings already washed and dried breadcrumbs in quantities
fresh garlic fresh parsley, 1 clove
extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper.

In a large bowl prepare the batter is typical for the gratin: Mix bread crumbs with finely chopped parsley, a clove of garlic, also chopped, salt and pepper. Stir the mixture and add to the thread of olive oil, until the mixture is not thereby sufficiently soaked. Knead with your hands, make sure that the mixture becomes smooth. Now add the squid to the bowl dry, and continue to knead with your hands. Then arrange on a baking tray from oven, spread enough, and pour the remaining filling remaining in bowl. Gratin in the oven for 2 minutes, making sure that they do not burn. When cooked, divide the squid and its filling into two cones of wax paper and keeps it warm oven until they are served.